To Be Shy By Tonyelle Relaford

Category: Urban Fiction


When 23yr old Shy Jones left her small town of Ellison, SC she thought she was leaving all the bullshit behind, too. With her new location comes new levels, including college and the possibility of a new, healthier love. As life begins to shape itself for Shy and her future seems much brighter than before, darkness shows up at her door in the form of a jealous, bitter ex. According to him, if her happily ever after doesn’t include him then she isn’t entitled to one.

Tyrell “Slim” Lee has always been known as a master manipulator. He’s never been quite fond of not having his way and the word ‘no’ seems to be poisonous to his health. There isn’t a time that he can remember not getting exactly what he wants – including Shy. Though she has always been the love of his life and epitome of his existence, his desire to be in the company of other women has pushed her further away than he ever imagined she’d be.

Now that the tables have turned, Slim is left wondering if it’s a little too late to become the man Shy always needed him to be or if he still has a fighting chance.

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Published By: Tonyelle Relaford

Release Date: April 8, 2022

Pages: 57 pages

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎979-8445812920