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The Prophecy (Tales of Elhaanai Book 2) By Nicole Patrice Thomas

Category: Series, Christian Fantasy, Fantasy

About The Prophecy (Tales of Elhaanai Book 2)

Their mothers died believing in it, Devona paid the price trying to stop it, Alric lose his soul if he doesn’t surrender to it. But when murder is the first option, Death isn’t always the end. The Prophecy is not what they have been led to believe, nothing is.

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I already Pre-Ordered Book 3!!!!!

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A must read!!! A while back I had ordered book 1, it was my first time reading something from this genre. I am so glad I started with Nicole’s books because honestly they have been hard to put down. The story line and detail that she weaves in her words will have you up at 3:30 am trying to get one last page in. I already pre-ordered book 3. Can’t wait!!!



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Amazon Kindle Ebook:  $3.99

Release Date: Jan. 30, 2021

Pages: 151 pages

ISBN 10: 1734919256

ISBN 13: 978-1734919257

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