The Murder Lawyer: The Complete Serial Novel By Piper Punches

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ABOUT The Murder Lawyer: The Complete Serial Novel

Criminal defense attorney Luna Goldwyn has defended a long list of petty criminals in her short legal career, but she’s never defended cold-blooded murderers-until now.

After her law partner’s sudden death, Luna is thrust into the spotlight when she becomes responsible for representing a woman who point-blank killed her husband while he slept. Following the trial, the media dubs her “The Murder Lawyer” and public interest in Luna and her family intensifies. As her murderous client list grows longer, the public and the victims’ families make it known that they’re none too happy with Luna’s ideas of justice. The constant media attention and increasingly controversial cases bring unwanted fame to her doorstep and danger to her family.

But the public and her clients aren’t the only people Luna has to worry about. As Luna’s career takes off, she discovers her seemingly loving and supportive husband is harboring a secret of his own, one that could shatter their world and bring it crashing down in pieces all around them.

The Murder Lawyer is a page-turning, thought-provoking legal thriller about a young, idealistic St. Louis lawyer who defends the rights of people accused of the most heinous crimes and challenges the idea of justice. This book, with its episodic structure, is perfect for readers who love stories with a Law & Order feel and enjoy books that tell both sides of the story.

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Everyone deserves a good defense

Amazon Review

What a great look into our judicial system. I loved the way to look at what brought the person to commit the crime and were they justified in their actions. Thank you, Goodreads for this book. This book also has the tread of family.

ABOUT Piper Punches

Piper Punches is compelled to test the limits when it comes to subject matter in her books. Writing human-interest fiction, she hopes her books and other writings will inspire readers to create change where there is injustice. Piper is the author of The Waiting Room, Missing Girl, and soon-to-be-released, 60 Days. When Piper’s not writing she divides her time between being a wife, mother, pet owner, and yoga-pant enthusiast while managing everyday life.

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Amazon Kindle Ebook:  $4.99

Also Available: Barnes & Noble , IndieBound

Release Date: December 5, 2020

Pages: 414 pages

ISBN 10: 1735389544

ISBN 13: 978-1735389547

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