Suffering in Silence: August 15th, 2003 By Caleb Harris

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ABOUT Suffering in Silence: August 15th, 2003

His buried memories perpetuate a cycle of violence. But survival means facing the one thing he’s desperate to forget…Substitute teacher Ricky Johnson prefers to ignore his broken childhood. But when his mother’s death reawakens the mental monsters that have followed him for fifteen years, he worries that his suppressed anger is growing dangerous. And after a drunken fight, he resolves it’s time to make some radical changes and seek real help.Fearing he’s one misstep away from disaster, Ricky cautiously joins a gym in search of a safe outlet for his bottled-up feelings. But even as he regains confidence in himself through weight-loss and therapy, the terrifying events of that fateful day continue to haunt his mind. Will confronting the forgotten actions from the worst moment of his life be Ricky’s destruction or his redemption? August 15th, 2003 is the compelling first book in the Suffering in Silence series. If you like dark emotional journeys, complex characters, and stories of overcoming trauma, then you’ll love Caleb Harris’s searing tale.

Praise About this book


This book connected with me on a visceral level

Mikey Chambers - Amazon Review

It is rare you get a book where the main character, a male, goes on such an emotional journey. I have read a number of books in this genre but you really take time to appreciate that ones that help you to connect on a deeper level. Past traumas as a kid bubbling to the surface have a way of blindsiding a person and making them reflect on something that should have been processed a long time ago. I can say that I certainly have experienced this myself. Which is why I am so happy to have read a book that takes you through the steps in such a similar fashion. Authentic as well.

The lack of emotional support for some men can be stunning and hard to overcome. This book does well to show that battle.


Bottled up feelings can be dangerous

Denise Monique - Amazon Review

Although, I don’t generally finish books with lots of dialogue, I decided to give this one a chance. There were times I laughed and also got pretty angry.

The main character has endured maltreatment from those that should have loved and protected him. Those same demons caused him to react and put himself, and others, in dangerous situations. Men are often taught to be tough, not to cry because that’s for girls. The writer gave us insight into the emotions of men and the cost of addressing it or not.

The lack of emotional support for some men can be stunning and hard to overcome. This book does well to show that battle.


Inspiring and a thought-provoking

Kimberly Marasco - Amazon Review

Rickey, the protagonist in the story is struggling with many demons. His relationship with his father was strained. He began questioning many things and wanted so much to make things better. He found a way to work through many issues he dealt with, not only with his father but with himself. Many family’s struggle with issues and this story will touch everyone emotionally. This is a very uplifting story as it describes how these individuals survived difficult obstacles while also learning to become more understanding of each other. You are sure to love this story and won’t be able to put the book down!

ABOUT Caleb Harris

Caleb Harris is an author, filmmaker, and blogger who currently resides in Enfield, Connecticut. He’s best known for his recent story, BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME DARRELL and his popular documentary, HELP US. He also writes non-fiction, on subjects ranging from personal development to self-care tips on his blog Unpopular Opinions. When Caleb isn’t writing he enjoys long walks in the woods and a good game of basketball.

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