Schooled: As I’ve Been Teaching Lessons, I’ve Learned a Few By Tiandra Moore

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About Schooled: As I’ve Been Teaching Lessons, I’ve Learned a Few

Being an effective public-school teacher in the twenty-first century requires more than a mastery of subject matter, a welcoming smile, or a pretty classroom. Teachers today are held to unique criteria to which no other career can compare. In Schooled, author Tiandra Moore shares the story of her journey into the education field, a journey that exemplifies the balance of emotional, political, and personal agendas within the academic profession. Through a realistic upbringing and an even truer college experience and perspective, Schooled provides a teachers fortunate, and sometimes unfortunate, journey to the classroom. In this memoir, Moore tells how site politics can cripple the most motivated, the most compassionate, and the most eager to educate students today.Through determination to herself and keeping promises with family members, Moore delivers an honest response to the process of becoming and sustaining a career in education. In Schooled, Moore tells how she loved the philosophy, the methodology, and the practice of teaching, but learned lessons the hard way. She shares how her faith helped her keep focus during a challenging time.

Praise About This book


Powerful story with lessons learned throughout

John J. Johnson III - Amazon Review

ABOUT Tiandra Moore

Tiandra Moore is a poetess at heart but found another voice through teaching. Throughout her short career, she has taught while learning more lessons about who she is as a writer, an educator, and an individual within this profession of education. Moore lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband Jemarius and her baby girl, Kamya. 


Amazon Kindle Ebook:  $3.99

Published by iUniverse

Release Date: September 13, 2018

Pages: 56 pages

ISBN 10: 1532056494

ISBN 13: 978-1532056499

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