Give Me A Reason To Love By K. Sharronne


Who will give you a reason to love for the first time or to love again? Only experience will tell you the truth about your love. Distance makes the heart grow fonder or is it colder. Goodbye is never goodbye if it is meant to be. There is no other love for me. If it is true love, it will come back. There is no time nor place that can hold true love hostage. Love is love. Too many cliches, too much time or is it so many cliches and so little time. Give me a Reason to Love circles and collects thoughts on dysfunctional, obsessive, and even dangerous thoughts about love. Just like the poet cannot tell you if it will rain tomorrow, no one can tell you if true love ever dies or if you will see your lost lover again. Does love even ever exist outside the needs of the individual lovers? The book attempts to carve out a voice that explores reasons or reasons not to love from a poetic viewpoint.



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