Conundrums Impacting Business Sustainability By Shakina Shaw

Category: Business & Organizational Learning

About Conundrums Impacting Business Sustainability

Book aims to provide solutions to business longevity practices. Problem: multiple businesses go under or merge due to failure to plan with three fundamental business areas.Solution: book examines three fundamental business areas and provides ideas to combat the problem.

ABOUT Shakina Shaw

Shakina Shaw is a philanthropist and advocates with an interest in government policy and procedures, strategic planning, and youth/community development. Career background encompasses over two decades in the field of youth and community development in New York City. Currently employed by a government entity. Prior to working for the government, she was employed by one of the leading and nationally celebrated youth and community-based organizations in New York City. 

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Also Available On: Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Sister’s Uptown Bookstore and Cultural Center

Release Date: Aug. 14, 2020

Pages: 83 pages

ISBN 10: 1663550239

ISBN 13: 978-1663550231

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