Bearing Fruit By Tyneisha Ternent

Category: Poetry

About Bearing Fruit

One line or two?

With this simple question, Tyneisha Ternent begins her collection of poems charting her first pregnancy’s emotional and physical roller coaster ride.

Between the moment of realization and birth are three trimesters and their differing concerns and moods. Tyneisha asks herself if she’s good enough to be a mom, gains confidence, loses it, considers pregnancy weight, and forgiveness. Tyneisha feels stress, anxiety, discomfort, wonder, and love.

Tyneisha’s poetry is characterized by a simple seriousness and wry sense of humor- sometimes fragile, sometimes blunt and down-to-earth. Illustrated throughout in line-drawings by Ryan Ternent, Bearing Fruit speaks to mothers worldwide, encouraging them to find their own strong voices.

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The gift of new life

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ABOUT Tyneisha Ternent

Tyneisha Ternent creates poetry that empowers and connects women. A veteran song and poetry writer, she has performed her materials in the Toronto and GTA area. Bearing Fruit is her first book; a second book of poems is underway, which picks up where Bearing Fruit ends.

Born in Toronto, she now lives in Barrie, Ontario with her husband Ryan and daughter Aurora.


Available on Amazon Kindle for  $3.99

Also Available On:  Inidigo, Chapters, Apple Books 

Published by FriesenPress

Release Date: November 24, 2020

ISBN paperback: 978-1-5255-7730-7
ISBN hardcover: 978-5255-7729-1
ISBN ebook: 978-1-5255-7731-4


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