A Best Laid Plan By Jodaea

Category: Fiction/Crime/Mystery/Thriller

About A Best Laid Plan

A mysterious find on Kent Island, along the Chesapeake Bay, leads Montgomery County Detective Timothy ‘Coop’ Cooper back to the Bellingham Estates in Silver Spring, Maryland, to investigate the disappearance of luxury antique dealer, Dylan McShane. Coop and Dylan’s wife, Fiona, set out in a race against time in their separate pursuits of justice for Fiona’s missing husband. This fast-paced whodunit of a rollercoaster ride, will take the duo up and through the Greater Metropolitan area’s elite social circles, down to Washington DC’s sketchy nightlife. Ultimately, Fiona and Coop will soon come to realize true justice may just be a matter of perspective!

ABOUT Stephanie Claytor

Author and CEO of Novels By Jodaea, LLC., Jodaea Minor-White has self-published three novels and is currently penning a fourth. A cross genre author of cautionary tales, Jodaea’s books cover crime, mystery, suspense, and romance. A registered nurse by trade, Jodaea began her literary journey in early 2007 after much encouragement from her family to chronicle her past experiences. Instead of submitting her works to a large publishing house, the Bowie State University and Saint Paul’s College alum decided to use her skills to build her own brand. 

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