W.E. Bookstore and Publisher offers a wide variety of book design, publishing, book marketing, and selling services to help you along your author journey. Investing in professional services as a book writer ensures that your book is capable of comparing with other books in your genre. In some cases, all you have to do is write and we’ll take care of the rest, for others you maintain full control over your experience and we’re simply just the expert teammates helping you along the way. 

Expert Teammates

We know that figuring out the independent publishing process can be a lot to take on, but you don’t have to do it alone. 

Genres/ Categories We Publish & Sell

  • Christian/ Religious 
  • Metaphysics
  • Spiritual 
  • Cook Books
  • Art / Photography
  • Memoir / Autobiography
  • Self-help
  • Journals/Workbooks 
  • Poetry
  • Fantasy
  • Short Stories/Anthologies
  • Children’s Fiction & Non-fiction
  • Picture Books 
  • Coloring Books

Published Or Not, Get On Schedule

Author Interview


Let’s meet and talk about your book on Instagram Live @misswinn_. This is a great and FREE way to cross promote your book and grow your audience. 

Book Publishing Professional Interview


Let’s meet and talk about your book publishing services on Instagram Live @misswinn_. This is a great a FREE way to cross promote your services and possibly build a working relationship with other book publishing professionals. 

Starting at $50 USD

Our CEO not only work with indie authors, but she works with other book publishing professional as well. If you are looking for specific advice on the book publishing process then get on her calendar and let’s talk. If you are a book writer, you will want to schedule a call after your book is written to ensure that we have something concrete to work with.

We're committed to staying accessible to the indie book publishing community. This is our commitment in action.

Publishing? Request an Estimate

Book Formatting

Starting at $75 USD

Making sure your book passes all checks for the book publishing process of your choice isn’t something we take lightly. We also make sure that your book’s interior fits with the cover, and look sleek and professional for publishing. 

Self-Publishing Deal

Get started today!

Do you want to just write and not worry about anything else while keeping 100% royalties and access to your accounts? Request an estimate today so we can begin working on the next business day. 

Hybrid-Publishing Deal

Get started today!

The authors we publish at Winn Publications proudly wear the Winn Publications logo on their books and we proudly publish their books and walk beside them throughout their publishing journey. We don’t do this for everyone and vet our authors based on their desires for making an impact in the world and their stories. 

Notify About Traditional Publishing Opportunities


The authors who we invest in, at zero risk to them, are those who enter and win contests at Winn Publications. Committing to having a quarterly contest in 2023, be sure to sign up to be notified about when the next opportunity to win begins. 

From Affordable to Market Standards, our pricing is made with independent authors in mind.

Already Published? Get In Front of Readers

Author Interview on W.E. Bookstore's Blog

Starting at $20 USD

If you are looking to build your presence on the internet, W.E. Bookstore can help you with inexpensive advertisement. We offer space on our blog to feature you and your book by asking some FAQS. 

Put Your Book On W.E. Bookstore's Shelf


W.E. Bookstore sales books by indie author exclusively. All you have to do send us your books and we’ll fulfill orders as they come in. 

Share Your Book On W.E. Bookstore's Social Media (IG & FB)

Starting at $10 USD

W.E. Bookstore has a growing social media presence. Jump on the bandwagon and let’s reach the moon together! 

We own a growing indie bookstore where the focus to reach more readers, join us there.

Benefits of Working With W.E. Bookstore And Publisher

  • Led by an Author-Publisher with 8 years of experience 
  • Published 40 books since 2018 
  • Publisher who attends trainings in the industry 
  • Publisher who cares about our authors and does what we say we’re going to do
  • Monthly Consultation
  • Community of Authors learning together
  • We care about: Diversity, Community, Healthy Relationships, Reading and Writing 
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Sales Strategy Assistance
  • PR/Branding Assistance
  • Global Distribution (think airports and gift shops)
  • A professionally published book
  • A chance to become an award winning author
  • Never publishing alone again
  • Once we work together we work hard to keep you!