Our RoadMap To Renaissance:
W.E. Bookstore & Publisher

UPDATED JANUARY 8, 2023: Initially we shared this page to highlight our journey of merging W.E. Bookstore with Winn Publications and our pursuit of a storefront. However somethings have developed and instead of a storefront, we now want to highlight W.E. Bookstore’s pursuit of a Book Mobile. 

W.E. Bookstore Online started as a part of Winn Publications in 2018 and in 2020 became its own entity. As of July 1, 2022, I have brought them back together! I am passionate about leading a business that is fluid in the book publishing industry. We show up by offering a full spectrum of services that independent authors need and desire.  We also show up for our readers everywhere! 

Fun fact: did you know that W.E. Bookstore is named after my grandpa? Yup! I love my family so much and in honor of my ancestors, I have named my book businesses after them. 

Our Goals For 2023 & Onward

Allow Me to Re-Introduce Ourselves

W.E. Bookstore Online has been in business for 3 years now and we couldn't be more excited to add some new features as we've paused some of our traditions.

1.  Bookshop & Publisher 

For 5 years, Winn Publications has been in business and at one point W.E. Bookstore was a part of it. In 2020, I separated the two businesses and now here I am bringing them back together in a different way. W.E. Bookstore & Publisher works with book writers and helps them self-publish their book through an assortment of author services

2. More Motown Music, Poetry, and Art

From November to December 2022, W.E. Bookstore shared our love for Motown and the Golden Oldies on our Instagram and gained new loyal followers and friends of the bookstore. It’s no surprise! Just as we love “old” things, so do many of our readers. Moving forward we will continue to incorporate many key components of the Harlem Renaissance where we see fit. 

3. Harlem Renaissance Inspired Aesthetics

Under the leadership of Arilia Winn, a lover of old things, W.E. Bookstore & Publisher’s aesthetics have become her canvas to express her love & appreciation. From the brand colors and identity, to the content we share, W.E. Bookstore & Publisher’s presentation is unique in this field. 

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We're looking for books published by indie authors

Waiving our consignment fee ($25 a title) up until our bookmobile is purchased, indie authors are encouraged to send us 5 copies of each other titles.

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Books On Hand Now

I’ve been able to publish 40 titles in the last 4 years, and shelf 35 titles in the last 2 years. I’d consider these indie authors, founding members as they’ve been on this journey with me the longest. They’ve endured my ups and downs and have been loyal. I owe them this opportunity. They too will see their books going from online only to being offered in our traveling Book Mobile.