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About The Author

Business owner of upcoming 717th Entrepreneurial Library LLC a live resource center/platform that helps Creative Entrepreneurs with connecting with other entrepreneurs and learning more about themselves and their selected business to create and maintain alignment of self that puts them in a higher position on their path to success.

Also through the social media platform Instagram, lets.learnyou I encourage creating Safe places for individuals to find their authentic selves and encourage the learning of self to accomplish anything and everything in life through alignment. I promote “the Meaning” a focused message which originated from the book Meaningfull, When your Soul meets the Ground. Which encourages individuals to start their Self-Journey with tools and practices that resonate and leads them to their purpose.

I am a Soul Entrepreneur

How did your journey as an author begin?

My journey as an author began around my second daughter’s 4th birthday. This is of importance to mention because she marked the 4-year journey of self-work. I was pregnant with her when I fell to my knees and screamed an agonizing scream that had no sound until I realized I needed to breathe for the both of us. I was fed up with not knowing anything, especially why I was put on this earth. That day I began my journey to get the answer(s). So, September 7th 2021 (I believe) I sat in Barnes and Noble after being told by my neurologist that I can’t return to work for the 20th time since 2015 due to my non-epileptic seizures.  I sat there under the new moon or full moon of Virgo and begged god and my higher self for some sort of new adventure. I was hoping it would be in some sort of new relationship but I really pushed myself to be open to anything. That’s when I just start to write in a newly purchased journal an outline of everything, I have written throughout the four years of my self-journey. I wrote about the tools, the practices and even the small things that helped me find who I was. Within 3 weeks I had a 10-chapter book and didn’t know what to do with it.

Was it something you always wanted to pursue?

Being an author was NEVER on my radar, no matter how much my addiction to books was.

Who or what motivated you to write?

3.Well, that answer is in #1- no one and nothing really motivated me to write, I just began writing

Have you published your writings in a book? If so, where can we find it/them? How was the publishing process? Are you self-published?

I have self-published an eBook that carries snippets of what is in my recent book and it has exclusive poems. Although it is rough and needs a bit more love aka editing, I can’t bring myself to take it down. It is something I created with way too much excitement and on a whim before I even thought I wanted to be an author. You can find it on Amazon for $2.99. Pieces of the work are now edited and posted on my Instagram periodically @lets.learnyou

Since becoming a published author, what challenges have you faced if any?

Since I have become a published author the only challenge I have come across was the curse of feeling inadequate. The editing company I used at first told me they were not able to edit my book due to the services I have purchased and they needed me to purchase other services to be able to edit my book. That made me feel like crap because I already knew my grammar wasn’t the greatest and I wasn’t really a writer. I just wanted to dump the whole project. I frantically emailed Arilia Winn and knowing she wasn’t going to respond anytime soon, I texted multiple family members telling them about my feeling of inadequacy. Thank the heavens that my cousin read the book already 3 times and my mother was ready to give me the money for anything I needed. Later I heard back from Arilia and she was my angel. She stepped in and I swear I cried and still tear up to this day. I did have a few more days after that incident of feeling this feeling of inadequacy but I kept pushing forward because I know I have a message and many more to come.

Are you currently working on any new projects? If so when can we expect them to be released?

I have written multiple books, all in the process of completing. I tend to do things in threes and so after handing my book over to be published, I began two more. I actually began the fiction book in 2020 with my eldest daughter. We wrote about a little witch and her home and now the story has seven chapters in 2022. Maybe to be released in October 2022. Now the second book in progress is teetering in between fiction and non-fiction and I’m hoping it creates curiosity in the souls of others. I am in hopes this book releases early 2023.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Where do I see myself in 5 years? Well, I am hoping I have a dozen of books published just because now I am addicted and hopefully with many of my books being about one’s journey, I hope I get plenty of opportunities to speak on the topic with many people. I also want to be a part of the black writers who create more black fiction characters. And on the side, I would like to also create book covers, mastering that skill as we speak.

What does being an author mean to you?

Being an author means that I get to share a message with multiple people. I love how certain books speak to people in the right time of their lives and I hope my books become a conversation that was much needed for those who needed it at a time that was pivotal for their journey.

What’s your favorite quote and who’s it by?

“You are full of meaning.” by me, Tif . I don’t always have quotes on hand although later I probably can think of one that is more poignant. But this quote has unlocked so much for me. God created us with all the answers embedded into us and it is just the matter of us knowing this and working to discover everything that we are.

If you could co-author with anyone – dead or alive- who would it be and why?

I would love to co-author with a few people. Firstly Dan Millman, his book The Laws of Spirit, A tale of Transformation was the book that started my journey to self. Now that I noticed it, one of my books is inspired by him. Secondly Elisa Romeo, I enjoy the style in which she writes, it feels like a conversation and that is very similar to how I write. I enjoy the voice she carries through her way of writing. In her book Meet Your Soul, A Powerful Guide to Connect with Your Most Sacred Self she displays her style of writing in a way that it feels like I am sitting on a couch with her and we are talking deeply and connectively.  Lastly Don Miguel Ruiz Jr., this man drives me insane and I love it. Although he based his writings on the Toltec teachings, sometimes he angers me on how he views certain topics. Not going against the Toltec teachings but I truly get frustrated when reading his books although I keep buying them. To co-author with him would be a pleasure because it will feel like a discussion between two views.