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Kelly Sweet is a passionate life coach, poet, author, and inspirational speaker with a love for God, people, and change. She strives to use her words to make the world a better place.

 She has been writing creatively since she was a child, including music and books, over 12 years of experience in life coaching, ministry, public speaking and has created of the Holistic Life Coaching Model ( HOLCM).

Interview With Winn Publications

Winn Publications: How did your journey as an author begin

My journey began at 8 years old. I realized that writing was a passion of mine. I also realized that it was quite therapeutic. I write stories, music, poetry, and plays But it was not until 2015, that I begin publishing my writing. I started with blogs. Then I published my first book in 2018. 

Winn Publications: Was it something you always wanted to pursue? Absolutely. As a child, I always said I wanted to be a writer and a singer. To my amazement, that desire has not gone away. 3. 

Winn Publications:Who or what motivated you to write?

Often times, my life experiences alone motivated me to write. Hard times, trials, and tribulations. It was always an outlet for me. It was my authentic way of expressing myself. 

Winn Publications: Have you published your writings into a book? If so, where can we find them?

Yes, my first published book was “I’ve Got Jewels! A Holistic Approach to Self-confidence“. You can get that on Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com. 

I also have a book, called “Feel Good Poetry” being released soon, available on Amazon.com as well. 

Winn Publications: How was the publishing process?

The process was a lot of work. But it was rewarding to work. When you are self-published, it’s a much more hands-on process. There are so much time and effort that goes into completing a book, let alone publishing one. 

Winn Publications: Are you self-published? Yes. 

Winn Publications: Since becoming a published author, what challenges have you faced if any?

The greatest challenge is definitely marking your book. You can write a thousand book but if you don’t market them, only your mom will read them. 

Winn Publications: Have you written anything outside of fiction/nonfiction?

I have only published nonfiction. But I have some nonfiction writing coming in the future. I love the idea of the characters. And that’s a project I’ve always wanted to do. 

Winn Publications: Do you have a tip that you can offer your peers (poets and writers worldwide)?

Yes, write your heart out. Keep writing and pursuing your passions. Becoming an author is a beautiful accomplishment. 

Winn Publications: Are you currently working on any new projects? If so when  can we expect them to be released?

“Feel Good Poetry” will be released in June.

Winn Publications: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I see myself as an author of 4 or more books. I have a lot to share. I also my books in households across the world, helping people to live their best lives. 

Winn Publications: What does being an author mean to you?

It means I am living my purpose, making a difference in the lives of others, and leaving a legacy for future generations. 

Winn Publications: What’s your favorite quote and who’s it by? 

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how 

amazing you can be.” ― Maya Angelou 

The time is always right to do what is right. -Martin Luther King 

If you could co-author with anyone – dead or alive- who would it be and why?

TD jakes because his writing has inspired my life and writing. I would learn so much.

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