All Booked – The Sunshine Handmade Market

W.E. Bookstore Online is excited to announce that the Sunshine Handmade Market (SHM) is all booked for 2021!

The Sunshine Handmade Market is W.E. Bookstore Online’s way of executing our commitment to creating opportunities for creators, makers, authors, artists, and small business owners to amplify their voices, improve their skills, and sell their treasures.

After the ambitious Founder and CEO Arilia Winn began planning the first SHM in October 2020 with several failures along the way, the Sunshine Handmade Market is finally booked for the rest of 2021.

” I was one of those people who hoped that California would allow venues to open up at 100% capacity by January,” said Miss Winn. “Instead LA went for more stick stay-at-home guidelines causing me to have to cancel my first market scheduled for January 23, 2021.”

Not only was the Sunshine Handmade Market cancelled and postponed, but not one, but two times did scammers try to use the event to cheat vendors out of their hard earned money.

“I have made changes to my vendor recruiting process. I also plan to inform more vendors and venue owners on how to protect themselves for scammers,” said Miss Winn.

After hosting the first Sunshine Handmade Market in Fullerton, CA to celebrate Mother’s Day, the market now has 6 scheduled dates for the rest of the year.

The Sunshine Handmade Market is a traveling market that works with creators, markers, authors, artists, and small business owners all over Southern California.

To learn more about the Sunshine Handmade Market go here.