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Looking for a way to connect with readers and promote your work? Consider taking advantage of author interview opportunities! 

Whether you prefer to be featured on the blog, appear on YouTube Live, or both, CEO Miss Winn work with you to create a memorable and engaging interview that highlights your unique voice and perspective. 

By introducing yourself to readers in this way, you’ll expand your reach and build your brand, making it easier to connect with new fans and grow your audience.

Increase your visibility!

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Looking for a unique way to promote your book and connect with potential readers? Sign up for an Author Interview with Miss Winn, book publisher and host of Book Talk on YouTube Live. The interview provides a platform for you to discuss your book in-depth and showcase your unique voice and perspective.

The interview will be shared on Renaissance Read’s social media platforms and can be used for promotion on your own platforms. To prepare for the interview, you’ll receive the questions ahead of time. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase your book’s visibility and attract more readers!

Meet The Host

Hi, I’m Arilia – an author-publisher with a heart for supporting independent authors. I know how challenging it can be to find affordable resources to help you with writing, publishing, branding, and marketing. So here I am to eliminate that stress so you can… Read More.

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How long does the interview typically last?

The interview lasts between 30 and 60 minutes

Who conducts the interview?

Miss Winn, an author-publisher, hosts the interview

Can I choose the questions or provide topics for discussion?

For the YouTube Live Author Interview, you are welcome to provide questions that you would like the host to ask.

Will the interview be recorded or transcribed?

The interview will be recorded live and posted to YouTube. The author interview for the blog will be posted on Miss Winn’s Bookstore Renaissance Reads.

Where will the interview be shared or published?

The interview will be shared on Miss Winn’s social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and website).

How will the interview benefit me as an author?

  • Provides an opportunity for the author to connect with readers and promote their work.
  • Helps to build the author’s brand and increase their visibility.
  • Allows the author to showcase their unique voice and perspective.
  • Can be used as a promotional tool on the author’s own platforms.
  • Creates engaging content that can attract new readers to the author’s work.
  • Offers a chance to discuss the book in more detail and share behind-the-scenes insights.
  • Allows readers to learn more about the author as a person, which can increase their interest in the book.
  • This can lead to increased book sales and greater success for the author.

Can I use the interview to promote my book on my own platforms?

Yes, you can use the interview to promote your book on your own platforms. I ask for a headshot to make up a flier for the interview that can be used for promotion.

How can I prepare for the interview to make the most of the opportunity?

To prepare for the YouTube live interview, I send you the questions ahead of time.

Is there a fee for the interview service?

Yes, for YouTube Live – $40 USD, to be Featured on the Blog $20 USD, for both $30 USD.