Renaissance Reads' organizational culture is made up of three things: Mission, Vision, and Core Values.


A summary of why RR exists.

Our mission at Renaissance Reads is to provide a platform for independent authors and offer a diverse selection of literature, author-themed merchandise, and writing resources to our readers and customers while supporting small and independent creatives.


A summary of what’s possible because RR exists.

Renaissance Reads envisions a world where every reader, writer, and creative has access to independent literature and a platform to share their stories.

Core Values

The implicitly understood, deeply held convictions that guide the spirit and nature of the RR. 

Renaissance Reades CORE VALUES are:

  • Advocacy: We are committed to being a voice for handmakers of creative items, readers, writers, and local small business owners. We strive to be authentically helpful without further agenda and understand that the essence of leadership is advocacy.
  • Family: We deeply commit to fostering positive and healthy relationships with businesses and consumers, not only nationally but locally. We believe that family extends beyond bloodlines and encompasses the entire community.
  • Diversity: We believe in a creative industry where everyone can tell their story and find themselves in the content they read. We value inclusivity and celebrate diversity in all forms.
  • Creativity: We embrace and promote creativity in all its forms. We believe that creativity is the lifeblood of the arts and literature industry and that it is essential for self-expression and innovation.
  • Fun: We aim to create a fun and enjoyable experience for our customers. We want our customers to know us as a place to go for Motown music, fun 1940s Harlem Renaissance aesthetics, and a reputable bookstore.